† Get Ready With Me : Morning Routine


Hello everyone. After many days of hard work -I know doesn’t look like it, but it realy is haha- I present to you my Morning Routine in the shape of a Get Ready With Me article/video. I really like watching this kind of video out of curiosity on Youtube without even realizing how much work it requires. So I decided to try it myself ! Despite the effort it required I still had a good time making this video and editing it -although I really hate doing the voice-over part. I truly hope you’ll enjoy and like it, either way do not hesitate -and I cannot say this enough- to share your opinion and suggestions with me.

Since the video is in French I’ll summarize all my prattle here.

First things first : I wake up naturally, without an alarm. Most of the time between 8AM and 8:30AM. I also want to specify that I sleep with my shutters open ! I gently wake up while going through the notifications on my phone. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others…Until Sunday, my dog -a spitz, in case you were wondering- comes to make sure I’m well awake. I always air my room before I got to the kitchen for a big breakfast : coffee, toasts with Nutella and some fruits -in this particular case kiwifruits. Once I’m finished with sustenance I head for the bathroom to get ready for some sport. I wash my face with “Radiance Cleansing Foam” by Sephora and then I apply the Sol Janeiro sunscreen which I bought when I was in Barcelona. I slip my running outfit on. The headband is from H&M, and so is my legging, my tank top is from Undiz and my workout bra is Adidas. My shoes are “Zoom Winflo” by Nike.

Onc everyone -that is Sunday and I- is equipped and stretched, we’re going for a 1:15 hour-long run -which is about 11 kilometers, and roughly 7 miles. I use the free App “Nike+Running” when I run, which is three times a week. In the video I mention the “Seven” App, it’s an App that helps doing at least 7 minutes of sport a day, but I completely dropped it to focus on running, although I do occasionally do a session of sit-ups.

When I get back home, I go back to the bathroom, this time to take a shower. I don’t use any specific bodywash, I don’t have a favourite brand or even smell, so it changes all the time. I usually wash my face with Neutrogena products, in this case the “Visibly Clear Spot Control“. When I wash my hair is use “Rehab” by Lush, the “Silver Shampoo” by Bleach London and the “Intense Repair” hair mask by L’Oréal Professional. Once I’m dried, I apply the “Visibly Clear Cleanser” lotion by Neutrogena, and the “Liquid Moisturizing Skin Concentrate“, “Super Supreme Body Butter” and “Intensive Instant Moisturizer” all by Sephora.

Now that I’m dressed, time for some make-up. There is already a video of my make-up routine available so I’ll just leave the link to the video HERE, however the article hasn’t been translated yet -will be done shortly- so I will add a link to it when it’s done. Please be patient ♥

As for my hair, I honestly currently can’t stand them so I either tie them, or, like in today’s video, I untangle them with my Tangle Tezzer hairbrush, spray some “Brot Dry Shampoo” by Batiste on them and redraw the waves with “Sea Salt Texturising Spray” by Toni&Guy. Regarding my outfit, my dress is from Zara and my legging from Calzedonia.


Have a great Ascension Day -it is a public Holiday here in France- and see you soon ♥

Translated from french by Olivier Renault.

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