† Makeup | Hoodie Inspiration (Alicia)

Hoodie Inspiration

Hello everyone ! As I am saying in the following video, this will become kind of a ritual. I’ve made up my mind, and first and foremost : it’s much more original than what we usually see on Youtube -or even on the Internet in general. And second : it will be my signature move. Thus, I present to you, in the form of a video, the make-up I made for the « Hoodie » photo shoot by photographer Guillaume Valadeau which has been on display on my portfolio, Facebook and of course on my website for a few days already.

Hoodie Inspiration

Here is the list of all the products I used to do this make-up -you can find this list directly in the video’s info on Youtube :

  • Foundation : Naked Skin – Urban Decay (3,5)
  • Concealer : Naked Skin – Urban Decay (Light Neutral)
  • Mattifying Powder : De-Slick – Urban Decay
  • Eyebrow : Naked Basics – Urban Decay (Faint)
  • Eyeshadow Primer : Eyeshadow Primer Potion – Urban Decay
  • Eyelid : Naked Basics – Urban Decay (W.O.S)
  • Outer Corner : 15th Birthday Palette – Urban Decay (Ace)
  • Outer Corner : 15th Birthday Palette – Urban Decay (Half Truth)
  • Middle of the Eyelid : 15th Birthday Palette – Urban Decay (Omen)
  • Inner Corner : Vice 2 – Urban Decay (Shellshock)
  • Eyeliner : Naked Basics – Urban Decay (Crave)
  • Water Line : Glide-on Eye Pencil – Urban Decay (Perversion + Yeyo)
  • Mascara : Supercurl Curling and Perversion – Urban Decay
  • Bronzer : Beach Bunny – Too Faced
  • Blush : Sweethearts – Too Faced (Candy Glow)
  • Highlighter : Naked Flushed – Urban Decay (Streak)
  • Lipstick : Sephora Rouge – Sephora (Honey)
    • New Nudes – Marc Jacobs Beauty (Understudy)

Hoodie Inspiration

I really hope you enjoyed this video and that you like the « make-up tutorial » concept as well. As always, if you have questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to share them with me. I always answer. Hoodie Inspiration Have a lovely day and see you soon !


Translated from french by Olivier Renault.

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