† Haul | Soldes &more 2015

Hello everyone ! Sales are now over -booooh- but now that I have finally finished my shopping spree -or is there ever an end to that?- I have made you a nice Haul video. It brings together every little thing I have bought, on sales or not, for the past two months. It’s going to take a while so let’s get to it !

When the sales began I went to Undiz hoping to find a ‘running’ short, and I did, as you can imagine. I even went for a tank top as well.

  • Tank top (L) – Undiz – €3.45 instead of €6.95
  • Short (XS) – Undiz – €4.95 instead of €9.95

I went to every single Zara in town and only found this tank top. I really don’t know what’s going on with Zara but I am disappointed, although not surprised : this Winter’s collection was crap so the sales had to be crap too.

  • Tank top (S) – Zara – €4.95

Now about my order at Shelnside.com. There really is an insane amount of choice, so much that it was actually hard to choose or find one really nice thing. As a result I chose to keep it simple and took two crop tops, which I found original, to have something to wear on the Summer evenings. Let’s not talk about the hideous tank top and skip straight to the Kimono, which is simply perfect ! I love everything about it : the cut, the color, the pattern, the material and of course its price.

I ordered a pair of shoes on the Zalando website : small leather boots with straps. Something basic, I already have a more “thin” or “dress shoes” pair, but I really fell for this pair so… tough !

I hadn’t checked the Asos website in a while, and it was better that way, but I was happy to find the Adidas Superstar in black ! They look amazing. The temptation was too strong so I also bought a black “jeans-like” short.

I also fell for the “Moto” Jamie jeans by TopShop (via the Galeries Lafayette). Even though it’s high waist it feels great, very comfortable. I hope it’ll last a bit, I don’t know about the quality of TopShop‘s jeans. Fingers crossed !

Lastly about jeans, and clothes , I found a great jeans at H&M. They always have original cuts and great colors. Their jeans have a good lifespan / price ratio.

Here are the links to the Bleach London products I had ordered from Boots.com.

I’m only starting to test the Clarisonic Mia 2, so I can’t say much about it right now. I’ll come back to it in another video or in an article. I bought it on Ebay for half the store price.

To wrap this Haul up, which by the way is much longer than I expected, let’s talk a bit about Sephora, but let’s talk about it well. With the discouts I got thanks to the “Beauty to Go” contest I was able to buy a new bronzer by Too Faced -which smells like chocolate- and I couldn’t resist Urban Decay‘s temptations : I really wanted to try the Revolution LipGloss, which are marvellous.

Haul | Soldes &more 2015

This is it ! I am done talking about all my almost-not-compulsive purchases, and I am done with this 10miles long article. I hope you enjoyed it, as well as the video with it. Do not hesitate to share your latest purchases in the comment section. See you soon on the social networks and here ! Bye.


Translated from french by Olivier Renault.

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