† First Impression | Crash Test

First Impression - Crash Test

Hello ! Today I’m happy to present to you a new type of video which I’ll be posting on my blog. I had a few products lying around which I never really used, as well as new products I just got which I couldn’t wait to test. So I brought it all together and cooked you a make-up tutorial while trying to give you my opinion about these products. Let’s !

  • I had ordered this Nars foundation cream on the Sephora website. I wasn’t overwhelmed, and I really like my Urban Decay foundation cream. As you know it’s very hard to change products when you really like those you use. However, much to my surprise, it is really great ! The cover is perfect, the texture is very light and comfortable. I really like it. All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation (Medium 2 – Santa Fe), Nars.
  • I was already familiar with this concealer, I only used a darker shade than I did when I last used it. I really like this product, and with the Nars foundation cream, my skin is like a baby’s. Naked Skin (Med-Light Neutral), Urban Decay.
  • The same goes for the mattifying powder : wonderful. De-Slick, Urban Decay.
  • Like I said in previous articles : I only re-draw my eyebrows for photo-shoots or tutorials. To do that I simply use eye shadow. Naked Basics (Faint), Urban Decay.
  • Don’t forget to apply an eye shadow primer so that the actual eye shadow lasts longer, and to make the colors more intense. Eyeshadow Primer Potion (Original), Urban Decay.
  • I then unify my eyelids with the new “Basics” palettes which are complementary. Their size is ideal, making it easy to take them with you anywhere. Naked Basics 2 (Stark), Urban Decay.

First Impression - Crash Test

Now to the serious part. The new Naked Smoky palette by Urban Decay just came out, here in France, and obviously, it’s a marvel. I really couldn’t wait to get it and try it. There are so many different combinations that can be done, just like the other Urban Decay palettes.

  • First, I draw my eyelid’s hollow and outer corner with the Dirtysweet eye shadow.
  • I stress out my outer corner with the Password eye shadow.
  • I miw the Black Market and Dagger eye shadows and apply them on 2/3 of my eyelid. I then merge them with the Password eye shadow. I also do the same thing on the edge of my inferior, outer, lash line.
  •  I delicately apply Armor as light touch on the center of my mobile eyelid.
  • Lastly, I lighten my inner corner by mixing Thirteen and High.
  • I apply crayon on both inferior and superior water line. Glide-On Pencil (Perversion & Desperation), Urban Decay.
  • To open up my gaze even more, I draw a line with an eyeliner. Waterproof Liquid Liner, Urban Decay.
  • I apply my favorites mascaras. -Lush Lash Mascara & Perversion, Urban Decay.
  • I finish my eyes with a light eye shadow to illuminate and open my gaze. I apply it on the arch of the eyebrow. Naked Basics (Venus), Urban Decay.

First Impression - Crash Test

  • I finish my foundation with a Too Faced bronzer. It may look a bit too dark at first, I’ll admit. But it really is very easy to work with and it can easily adapt to any complexion. Dark Chocolate Soleil, Too Faced.
  • The new Urban Decay blushes are also a bit intimidating. Their color is very intense and you really need to be nimble. But the colors are divine. Blush After Glow (Quickie), Urban Decay.
  • I’d been having my eyes on the Smashbox contour palette, and thanks to my discounts at Sephora I finally bought it. I can’t wait to really fully test it in my future photo-shoots. This time I only applied the highlighter. Contour Palette, Smashbox.
  • I intensified the highlighter on my cheekbones and made it a bit iridescent. Naked Flushed (Streak), Urban Decay.
  • Lastly, I cast a very light shadow on my lips with Urban Decay‘s new lipsticks. They are very creamy and easy to apply. They are very pleasant to wear. Sheer Revolution Lipstick (Sheer Anarchy & Sheer Walk of Shame), Urban Decay.

First Impression - Crash Test

As usual I hope you enjoyed this article. Do not hesitate to share your opinion and the products you recently tried and which you now can’t do without ! See you around soon !


Translated from french by Olivier Renault.

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