† Hair | Bleach London : Lilac Test !

Bleach London : Lila Test !

Hello everyone. Today we meet for a video without safety nets ! I had leftovers Bleach London products, more specifically Rosé and Blullini which I had used for a previous video/article -here’s a link to it- but rather than doing the same thing again I wanted to try and make my own color. So I mixed those two Super Cool Colour together and -I admit- I prayed for it to result in a light purple, ideally Lilac. I’ll leave you to watch the video and find out what the result was :)

Bleach London : Lila Test !

Every tool I used in this video -combs, bowls, brushes- are part of my professionnal tool kit. I’m sure, however, that you can find them in wholesale outlets, which are open to anyone.

  • Hair Brush – Tangle Teezer
  • Super Cool Colour – Bleach London (Rosé & Blullini)

Bleach London : Lila Test !

Like I said in the video, and in the previous one, concerning those products : although they are temporary colorings, it is very important to make a test application at least 48 hours beforehand to make absolutely sure that you will not have a bad reaction to them, regardless of the kind of reaction.

Regarding the mix : make sure you have prepared enough so you don’t have to make more because you simply won’t get the exact same color twice, not unless you’re some kind of robot or something. And as you have noticed, obviously the more blue you use, the more purple it will be -thank you Lola !

Bleach London : Lila Test !

So there it is, I sincerely hope that you enjoyed this video. If you have products you’d want me to test, please do not hesitate to notify me, I’d be happy to oblige ! See you soon for another video and/or article, bye bye !


Translated from french by Olivier Renault.

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