† Haul | Shopping Addict ? No!

Hello everyone ! Today we’re going to talk about shopping. This is a secret to no one : I LOVE shopping. It is a compulsive need, I can’t help it. And even if sometimes the collections are kinda lame, which povides my bank account with a breather, most of the time I leave full-handed. That as the case only a few weeks ago, here’s a summary of everything I bought. Enjoy !

Haul | Shopping Addict ? No!

  • Fresh Farmacy – Lush (5,25£ / 100g)
  • Tea Tree Water (Eau d’Arbre à Thé) – Lush (4,50£ / 100g)
  • Gorgeous (Princesse de Néroli) – Lush (42,50£ / 45g)
  • Skin’s Shangri La – Lush (29,50£ / 45g)
  • Toothy Tabs “Dirty” – Lush (4,95£)

Haul | Shopping Addict ? No!

  • Fiber Mask (Honey & Rose) – Sephora (3,95€)
  • Brush Heads “Delicate Skin” – Clarisonic

Haul | Shopping Addict ? No!

  • Sheer Glow (Santa Fe) – Nars (43€)
  • Foundation Pump – Nars (2,95€)

Haul | Shopping Addict ? No!

  • 24/7 Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner – Urban Decay (19€)
  • Matte Revolution Lipstick (BlackMail) – Urban Decay (20,90€)

Haul | Shopping Addict ? No!

  • Melted (Nude & Velvet) – Too Faced (20€)
  • Leather Boots – Jonak (125€)
  • Zoé – Sam Edelman via VideDressing.Com

As I said in the video, I do hope this won’t encourage you to buy too much haha. Don’t hesitate to share your own favourite products with me, I’d be happy to test them myself. I’ll see you on Sunday for my second look article, on which I can’t wait to have your opinion ! Bye.



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