† Christmas Wishlist

Hello everyone ! I hope you’re alright, and that you’re not in too much of a rush with the holiday season. As you have probably guessed, I am ! Between Birthdays and Holidays, this December is a little chaotic. I am truly sorry about the lack of Outfit article this past Sunday, I’ll make it up to you next Sunday, promise !

On this Wednesday, which is usually a video day, I chose to share my Christmas Wishlist with you. Every year is a struggle. I tend to offer myself whatever I want -within my budget of course- so it’s always a headache for my friends and relatives to find something to get me on big occasions. But this year -and mostly thanks to you and the blog- I actually had to think about what I’d like to get. I’ll leave you to my small, non-exhaustive list for Santa.

† Christmas Wishlist

  • I already have the first book by Nicolas Brulez “The Tattooralist” which brings together a lot of tattoos found in the streets of Paris, Montreal and Berlin. This time, he went to the big French cities to discover and share quite a lot of little wonders. Yes, Tattoos are a passion of mine.
  • I don’t think you need me to draw you a picture when it comes to Urban Decay‘s Spectrum palette. Not only do I need it to work, but I simply couldn’t miss it. It’s perfect for beauty addicts.
  • This, for once, it purely for work, I promise, no more excuses ! I’m going around with all my equipment in simple cloth bags. My parents have been insisting on me thinking about another way to carry all of that for a while now. So I decided to go for an aluminium case, which is sturdier, to protect and carry my palettes -amongst other things, than my current cloth bags.

† Christmas Wishlist

  • Gift-cards are always a good idea. It’s affordable to anyone, whether you have a big budget or a small one. But mostly, it’s the best way to be sure to please the person you are gifting them to. My personal favorites, as you can guess, are the Sephora and Lush ones.
  • This is completely different from all of the above, bedspreads aren’t cheap, and I’ve been using the same old one for years now -through various apartments in various cities. So I wanted a bit of renewal in that department, and black and white is always a safe bet.

† Christmas Wishlist

  • And last, but not least, and once again with absolutely no link to anything above : running gear. I’ve started running on a daily basis back in February. Needless to say, temperatures are rather warm in Toulouse, which is why I usually go for Spring/Summer gear rather than Autumn/Winter gear. You can imagine my state when i got back from my first run with a 2°c. I was a walking ice cube. As my Dad took pity on me, I now have a K-Way, which is ideal to protect from the wind. Now all I need it the rest of the outfit ! -Fingers crossed.

And that’s it for my wishes for 2015. I hope you liked it and that it helped inspire you. It’s always a headache, for ourselves as much as for others. Don’t hesitate to share your wishlists in the comment section and/or your gift ideas. It’s always useful in this time of the year haha. Have a wonderful week !



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