† Makeup | Christmas Blitz

† Makeup | Christmas Blitz

Hello everyone ! Only two days until Christmas, can you believe it ? I for one am very excited, and not so much about the presents I’ll recieve as the ones I’ll give to my relatives. I’m more of a giving person and I enjoy gifting people more than getting gifts. And now that i’ve finally finished shopping for gifts, I can’t wait to see their -hopefully happily- surprised faces.

Now, after sharing my Christmas outfit in the previous article, I give you my Christmas make-up. Obviously I went for golden and festive colors, feel free to replicate this exact make-up, down to the smallest detail. To me holiday season means golden and glitter, leading to iridescent shades. In that departmen, Urban Decay is the absolute best, so it was a real pleasure to work with these shades and create this look. I genuinely hope this will insipire you as much as it does me, I’ll leave you to it.

  • Primer : Magical Moringa – LUSH
  • Concealer : Crayon Concealer – Urban Decay (DEA)
  • Foundation : Sheer Glow – Nars (Santa Fe)
  • Concealer : Naked Skin Concealer – Urban Decay (Light Warm)
  • Mattifying Powder : De-Slick – Urban Decay
  • Eyebrow : Naked Basics 2 – Urban Decay (Cover+Primal)
    • Brow Tamer – Urban Decay (Clear)
  • Eyeshadow Primer : Eyeshadow Primer Potion – Urban Decay
  • Eyelid : 15th Birthday Palette – Urban Decay (Flow)
  • Outer Corner : 15th Birthday Palette – Urban Decay (Chase)
  • Outer Corner + Crease : 15th Birthday Palette – Urban Decay (Deeper)
  • Eyelid Highlight : Vice 1 – Urban Decay (Blitz)
  • Inner Corner : 15th Birthday Palette – Urban Decay (Midnight 15)
  • Lash Line : 15th Birthday Palette – Urban Decay (Chase+Deeper)
  • Water Line : Glide-On Eye Pencil – Urban Decay (Goldmine)
  • Mascara : Supercurl Curling Mascara – Urban Decay
    • Perversion – Urban Decay
  • Blush : Afterglow – Urban Decay (Score)
  • Highlighter : Mary-Lou Manizer – The Balm
  • Lipstick : LoveMarc – Marc Jacobs Beauty (Neo-Noir)

† Makeup | Christmas Blitz

† Makeup | Christmas Blitz

I wish you a verry merry holiday season. Enjoy your family and enjoy this magical time. I hope you’ll be spoiled. See you next week to prepare for new year’s eve. Happy holidays !



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