† My 2015 Favorites

Hey ! To be able to start this new year well, I had to finish the previous one adequately. And what better than an article and video on my all time favourite brands and products to do that ? I’ll try not to write too much, since the video alone is 18minutes long, and I’ll leave you to watch it !

Like I said in the video, I don’t need to introduce Lush anymore. This brand is well known and I have already often mentioned it in my previous articles. I really enjoyed discovering this brand throughout the year, be it for the ideal composition of its products or for their worth. I don’t think it’s necessary to remind you of the brand’s devotion to the fight against animal testing, for both their products and ingredients, or the fact that most of their products are either vegetarian or flat out vegan. Almost all the products I use daily are from Lush :

  • Body Conditioner : Dream Cream
  • Tonic : Tea Tree Water
  • Shampoo : Daddy-O
  • Body Butter : Buffy
  • Moisturizers : Gorgeous
  • Shampoo Bar : New
  • Moisturizers : Skin’s Shangri La
  • Primer : Magical Moringa
  • Cleanser : Fresh Farmacy
  • Toothy Tabs : Limelight & Dirty

Similarly, I don’t think I need to (re)introduce Urban Decay, which is my signature brand when it comes to make-up. Year after year I learned to love this brand’s products, and now I’m very happy to be able to work with them daily. There is no need for long speeches, if you want to know more, don’t hesitate to visit their french website UrbanDecay.fr or their english (UK) website UrbanDecay.co.uk. Also, feel free to take a look at any of my tutorials, as they are all realized using Urban Decay products.

If you’re interested, I promise I’ll talk more about the tools and brushes I use in my work as well as in my tutorials. In the mean time I chose to tell you more about another brand, Kiko, and their brushes, which are great. I personnally love them and I strongly advise you to at least try them, especially since they are really not expensive. They’re also quite tough and durable, and resistant to even a very thorough cleaning.

  • Eyes 205
  • Eyes 211
  • Eyes 207
  • Eyes 203
  • Eyes 202
  • Eyes 213
  • Eyes 200
  • Face 102

Again, I don’t think I need to say more than has already been said in the past about Sephora‘s face Fiber Masks. The idea behind those fabric masks is a bit eccentric, but their effect is immediate. My personnal favourite is the Honey one.

  • Honey | Miel : Nourishing & Balancing
  • Pearl | Perle : Perfecting & Brightening
  • Pomegranate | Grenade : Anti-Fatigue & Energizing

The perfect combination for strong, shiny and well nourished hair is the Tangle Teezer hair brush and the Intense Repair Masque by L’Oréal Prfessional. These are my faithful allies against knots and split ends hair, and thus help prevent hair break. This haircare literally saved my hair, after I put it through a lot. It gave it mass when it was really in a bad shape after many bleached and extensions applications.

Lastly, to round things up with my 2015 favourites, here’s the revelation I had this year. I never thought I would ever speak those words -or in this case, write them- but Running has become a true passion of mine, and an actual daily need. It really is the best thing that happened to me. It helps clear my mind, it builds up character, and leads me to compete with and against myself. I won’t bother you with the physical and aesthetic effects it has, you all know that. Consequently, I developped some kind of a passion for running gear, and I discovered the H&M Sport brand, which offers clothes designed specifically for running -among other physical activities- and their prices are hard to compete with. I strongly recommend those clothes to you if you like running.

This is it for my 2015 Favorites. I sincerely hope you liked it and, more importantly, that it inspired you to try new products or new brands, which I hope will become your 2016 favorites ! I’ll see you very soon. Have a wonderful week !



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