† Unboxing | NeeJolie.fr

† Unboxing | Neejolie.fr

Hello ! For today’s article I want to be completely transparent as it’s my first ever partnership. The NeeJolie.Fr team contacted me last December to introduce me to their -various- products so that I could tell you about them as honestly as possible. I really hope you’ll enjoy learning more about them.

† Unboxing | Neejolie.fr

I’ll start with products which are completely irrelevant to my line of work, but can still be useful -especially when you manage a blog and a YouTube channel and lack memory. I love the whole notebook/post it idea. Theirs have the perfect size to keep a few in your purse !

† Unboxing | Neejolie.fr

Now more related to my interests, this aweosme hair clip -and a wink to anyone scared of scissors. It simply looks like a pair of scissors, and the illusion is amazing. It exists in both Silver and Golden colors.

† Unboxing | Neejolie.fr

Lastly, my favourite product. I really wanted to try their false eyelashes, and what’s best for that than a kit containing the glue, the applicator and of course the eyelashes. In all honesty I didn’t try the applicator, but it’s used in a way similar to that of tweezers, very practical. The glue is great, I was actually a bit concerned about it, but it really is clear which is nice. The false eyelashes themselves, which you can see me wearing in my New Year's make-up tutorial, are more than satisfying. They are very easy to apply, pleasant to wear, neither too heavy nor too big. I can only recommend them to you !

So this was my order to NeeJolie.Fr.I sincerely hope that my article and video helped inspire you for your next orders. And be advised that, in addition to my honest opinion, you also get a promo code to get a 10% discount, you only need to use this code : ACSZ10 in your basket. I hope you’ll enjoy this little treat. Don’t hesitate to share the purchases you’ll make with this promo code :) See you very soon, take care !


Article in partnership with neejolie.fr

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