† Makeup | Back to School / Work

† Makeup | Back to School / Work

Hello everyone ! I hope going back to school/work went well for all of you, and that this new school year will treat you nicely. And since I decided to stay in that theme, here is, as promised, my Back to School / Work video !

This time around I wanted to do something a little different from everything you can find on Youtube. I wanted to create an evolving make-up, which means there are variations for all ages. Enjoy !



As I said in the video I don’t really know the average age of my followers. I decided to make this video for everyone who might check my blog. That’s why I’m starting with the youngest, the Middle School girls. Since the video is 27 minutes long if you want to jump directly to the tutorial know that it starts at 2:51.




  • Concealer : Wonder Pencil – NYX (Medium)
    • (Concealer Pencil – Urban Decay)
  • Mattifying Powder : De-Slick – Urban Decay
    • (Smoothing & Brightening Powder – Sephora)
    • (HD Studio Photogenic – NYX)
  • Mascara : Better Than Sex – Too Faced
  • Lipstick : Lipgloss – Sephora (Totally Lucid)


Now for the make-up I made for high school girls. As I said in the video, I may have been a little too optimistic with it, but these are just my tastes and my opinion of what would be nice. I honestly think a simple, light and as close to natural as possible make-up really fits high school, as opposed to what we can see pretty much anywhere. This tutorial starts at 8:25.






  • Concealer : Naked Skin Concealer – Urban Decay (Light Warm+Med-Light Neutral)
  • Mattifying Powder : De-Slick – Urban Decay
  • Eyelid + Crease + Lash Line : Naked Basics – Urban Decay (W.O.S + Naked 2)
    • (Naked Basics 2 – Urban Decay)
    • (Naked – Urban Decay)
    • (Naked 2 – Urban Decay)
  • Mascara : Better Than Sex – Too Faced
  • Blush : Blush Palette – Urban Decay (Hush)
  • Lipstick : Melted – Too Faced (Nude)


To wrap this tutorial up, and this whole make-up, here is my career girl inspiration. Again, these are my personnal tastes, and I think you should adapt your make-up to your age, your job, and your own tastes. I can never stress this enough : make-up is like a game, so have fun ! You can find this tutorial at 15:57.






  • (Fondation : Naked Skin – Urban Decay)
    • (All Day Luminous Weightless – Nars)
  • Contouring : Highlight + Contour Pro Palette – NYX (Sculpt + Cream)
    • (Contour Palette – Smashbox)
  • Highlighter : Strobe of Genius – NYX
    • (Blush Palette – Urban Decay)
  • Eyebrow : Brow Tamer – Urban Decay (Clear)
  • Eyeliner : 24/7 Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner – Urban Decay (Perversion)
  • Mascara : Better Than Sex – Too Faced
  • Blush : Blush Palette – Urban Decay (Hush)
  • Lipstick : Liquid Suede – NYX (Vintage)
    • (Revolution – Urban Decay)
    • (Matte – Urban Decay)

This brings us to the end of this article. I really hope you like the idea behind it, and that it inspired you. To avoid repeating myself you can find the full explanation about my choices at 25:55. I’m not trying to start an argument, I only want to share my tips and advices. Make-up is a passion of mine and I merely want to share it with you ! By no means do I want to impose my ideas on you, although I do have to speak my mind. I don’t think make-up belings in middle school, and I don’t find it right to see 14 years old grils literally paint their faces. Regardless, I wish you all a very good week !


Translated from french by Olivier Renault.

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