† Makeup | Junkie Vice Lipstick

† Makeup | Junkie Vice Lipstick

Hello ! I hope you’re alright and that you had a great Halloween, and I hope you enjoyed your day off on the 1st of November! Once again I’ve ended up staying in Paris longer than anticipated -as a matter of fact I’m still currently there- which is why there has been no “ootd” articles for a while. Not because I didn’t want to do them or anything like that, but because I don’t have my dad to take the photos… And without photos there can be no article ! But I promise I’ll make it up to you once I get back in Toulouse !

This week’s video is a bit special. I’ve recently acquired a Vice Lipstick palette, by Urban Decay and I really wanted to show you all the shades, so I swatched them all.

† Makeup | Junkie Vice Lipstick

  • Disturbed is a confort matte.

It’s very creamy, very comfortable and it’s easy to apply. And that burgundy red is to die for !

† Makeup | Junkie Vice Lipstick

  • 714 is a mega matte.

I already showed you this one in my Lipstick article. It’s the perfect red, intense and very easy to apply.

† Makeup | Junkie Vice Lipstick

  • Carnal is also a confort matte.

It’s a dark nude that reminds me of the Melted collection’s Nude by Too Faced. It’s quite creamy which makes it very comfortable.

† Makeup | Junkie Vice Lipstick

  • Safe Word is a confort matte too.

And it is also a nude. It’s much more natural than Carnal. It’s the perfect lipstcik if you want something simple and sober. This one is extremely comfortable too !

† Makeup | Junkie Vice Lipstick

  • Studded is a metallized.

Which means it has a metallic effect, with a very creamy texture. Its shade leans towards brown which makes it quite iridescent. For that reason I don’t find it very intense, since you have to really put a lot of it to get the advertised shade.

† Makeup | Junkie Vice Lipstick

  • Whip is a sheer shimmer.

It has a very natural nude shade, and it’s quite shiny, which makes it look almost glossy. It’s the ideal shade if you want it to look natural, and it’s glossy effect makes it quite comfortable.

† Makeup | Junkie Vice Lipstick

  • Wrath is a metallized.

It’s a gorgeous metallic red with a creamy texture, both comfortable and shiny. I really like it, it’s almost a Christmas red !

† Makeup | Junkie Vice Lipstick

  • Big Bang is also a metallized.

It’s a very bright pink, but unlike Wrath I think it really lacks intensity…

† Makeup | Junkie Vice Lipstick

  • Firebird is a cream.

Which means it’s very creamy, comfortable and easy to apply. I had showed it to you too in my Lipstick article. I really like its colour and intensity.

† Makeup | Junkie Vice Lipstick

  • Vanity Kills is a mega matte.

It’s the Barbie pink. I really had quite a laugh when I applied it because I wasn’t expecting that ! It’s very intense and comfortable.

† Makeup | Junkie Vice Lipstick

  • Speed Ball is a cream.

Its purple shade is extremely intense and comfortable. It’s the perfect purple, and the perfect shade. I really fell in love with this lipstick.

† Makeup | Junkie Vice Lipstick

  • Junkie is a metallized.

That’s the last shade of the palette, and the one that piqued my interest. I was drawn to that metallic green, it was like a magnet. And although, again, because it’s a metallized it tends to lack intensity, I really like it ! It’s just really different, and the green is quite subtle.

So that’s it for this article. I really hope you liked the idea behind it, and that it made you want to try this Vice Junkie palette. Have a beautiful week !


Translated from french by Olivier Renault.

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