† Top Ten | Makeup & OOTD

† Top Ten | Makeup & OOTD


Hello everyone ! First and foremost I wish you all a great year, good health, luck with love and money alike, same as every year… I hope you had a great time during the holidays, and that going back to work or school wasn’t too hard.

Last year I made a video and an article to summarize all my favorites from 2015. That included cosmetics and make-up. This year I wanted to do something different, and I also wanted to involve you. The idea came to me inspired by the “Best Nine” we can see all over Instagram. So I thought I’d do something similar and share with you the best “make-up” and “ootd” articles of 2016.

† Top Ten | Makeup & OOTD


† Top Ten | Makeup & OOTD

This article is almost a year old, as it was published on January 27th 2016, and while it’s the oldest of the selection, it’s the one you liked most. And I loved it too. It was made with Limecrime‘s Venus palette, which I had just gotten during 2015’s Black Friday sales. I still use this palette to this day. I want to thank the 17 people who proved that pink hair and a grunge make-up are fun !


† Top Ten | Makeup & OOTD

This one was from the 6th of April, and it’s completely different from its predecessor.Urban Decay‘s Naked palette is now unavoidable, and I’m very happy to see that you enjoy a natural look as much as an atristic one. 13 of you liked this tutorial.


† Top Ten | Makeup & OOTD

On the 19th of May, I shared a very girly make-up, which was ideal of the weddings and baptisms season, was realized with Urban Decay‘s Vice palette. Those pink shades went well with any skin tone and any eye color. Again, 13 of you liked this article.


† Top Ten | Makeup & OOTD

More recently, on November the 16th to be specific, I shared with you what I think is my favorite make-up of the year. This one was realized using the Full Spectrum palette and its amazing colors. I created a make-up that was uninamously loved, much to my joy. Thank you to the 13 people who liked it too.


† Top Ten | Makeup & OOTD

And the last Make-Up to make it to the list is identical to the French version. This was the only tutorial of which the English version was as liked as the French one. The two versions usually have very different reception, but this one was the exception. It was published on November the 30th. I loved creating this “Barbie girl” make-up, and i’m very happy to have 15 likes on the French version and 12 on the English version.

† Top Ten | Makeup & OOTD


† Top Ten | Makeup & OOTD

Look at that ! Your favorite ootd article as the first of the year ! It was published on January the 3rd, to be specific. I had published this “cocoon” look right after the holidays as a way to breathe a little. A big Undiz sweater was perfect for that occasion. 18 of you liked this article, thank you !


† Top Ten | Makeup & OOTD

This article is one of my lastest ootd articles, from the 27th of November. A pair of Jeans, a bodysuit and a jacket, the perfect outfit when you do’nt know what to wear to a party. I’m quite surprised that 17 of you liked it !


† Top Ten | Makeup & OOTD

I shared this article and its very simple look on the 6th of March. The entire look revolved around the sneakers : Air Force One by Nike. I didn’t think 15 of you would like that kind of outfit !


† Top Ten | Makeup & OOTD

A very spring-y article from April 24th. Made with simple, basic items coming in various shades of grey. Thank you to the 14 people who liked this very simple look !


† Top Ten | Makeup & OOTD

And the last ootd of the list is an article from November 13th. It bears some resemblances to its predecessors when it comes to the colors. However I also used it to showcase a necklace from the Mirina Collections. It also scored 14 likes, thank you !

So this is it for my 2016 Top Ten. Thank you all again. There are more and more of you following me, liking my creations, posts and/or articles and videos. Thank you for your support and your comments. I hope 2017 will get us even further in this adventure ! Have a wonderful week !


Translated from french by Olivier Renault.

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