† OOTD | Coachella Festival

© Philippe Renault

Hey ! You’re not dreaming, it really is me ! Let’s not hurt ourselves by counting the months since my last « ootd ». Once more, my lack of time, my failing organization and, I’ll admit, a lack of will, left you without « fashion » articles so to speak. But now both motivation and energy are back in the game, and this week-end’s Coachella helped a lot with that !

So obviously this look is heavily influence by the festival, but still faithful to my style while totally adapted to that kind of events. And if you’re interested in the makeup, you’ll ba happy to know you’ll see more of it in Wednesday’s article/video tutorial. Until then I’ll leave you to have a look at those photos taken by my DadHappy Easter !

Jacket : Dans Ton BecBodysuit : Out From UnderShorts : Bershka
Boots : Dr. MartensBracelet : Santa MuerteSunglasses : Mirina Collections

Translated from french by Olivier Renault.

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