† OOTD | American Socks

© Philippe Renault

Hello ! Last week I had the pleasure to partake in the Fise -or International Extreme Sports Festival- thanks to the American Socks brand, for which I worked. It wasn’t my first time going to this festival, I’d gone a few years ago with friends and the ambience was terrific, despite the fact that I’m not into extreme sports, I really had a blast.

This year, thanks to my friend and partner in crime Charlotte, who lives in Montpellier, I went back for this great opportunity, and with a perfect weather. And boy am I happy I did. I was thrilled by the feeling this festival gives, that amazing ambience. I met awesome people, and although I spent one afternoon working, I did enjoy every booths.

Just a few words about American Socks, since it kind of is the main topic of this article. It’s a brand from Barcelona -I was as surprised as you are to learn that it is in fact not American at all- which designs and makes socks in Spain. It’s an eco-friendly brand, making 100% cotton products with antibacterial properties and odor masking agents. Thank you for that ! But I’ll leave you to see all this for yourselves on their website, which is extremely well designed. And don’t hesitate to follow their Instagram, which is just as great.

Now grab your skateboard and BMX ! And have a great week !

Perfecto : BershkaCrop Top : BershkaBodysuit : Undiz
Short : ZaraSocks : American SocksSnickers : Nike

Translated from french by Olivier Renault.

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