† OOTD | Jacker

© Philippe Renault

Hello, hello ! I am very happy to be back on this bright, sunny Sunday. By the time you read this, I’ll be in Paris, getting tortured… I mean tattoed. Technology -and planning, I’ll admit- really do make life a whole lot easier.

Anyway. Last week I talked about the American Socks brand, for which I worked at the Fise, and this week I wanted to talk about a brand I discovered there thanks to my friend Charlotte. There I learned that Jacker -that’s the brand- was actually a magazine about skate board, hip-hop, graffiti and more. And I learned that they used their growing success to launch a broad collection of clothes and accessories connected to those same topics. Obviously I fell for some of their products, by I’ve been good and only left with one jacket. Or rather…THE jacket.

I’ll leave you to discover their entire universe on their website and in the magazine. The official shop is in Montpellier, but you can find their products at Citadium, in Paris, for instance. You can find any information you might need on their website anyway, so enjoy yourselves ! And have a beautiful week !

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† Makeup | Delicate Lust

Hello and how are you on this beautiful day ? I won’t lie to you, I originally intended to do something soft, a nice smokey using brown shades which would go perfectly with NYX liquid Lingerie lipstick, which I totally fell in love with. However -you know there’s always a but- my dark side kind of took over me and my inspiration, and things got a little out of hand. Still, it is quite light, but a lot less wearable on your average day. Mea Culpa !

Truthfully, I don’t know if you’ve seen the latest shades for the NYX Cosmetics Lingerie collection but damn ! I just can’t pick one, and I certainly couldn’t leave without at least one of those little wonders. In the end, I chose this brown shade, I’m really not a brown person, it’s totally not my color, but I just fell in love with this one.

As I said in the video, feel free to skip a few steps if you feel like they just don’t suit you. Recreate your own makeup. I can’t say it enough : just have fun !

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