† OOTD | Pink Fishnet

Hello ! No, those photos are not from today … Even if yesterday in Toulouse we had the sun and a blue sky, it was our last day of sun! I really don’t wanna go back to Paris just because of the Snapshat and Instagram stories and more I saw, which only show rain -sometimes snow! and especially cold.

So yeah, those photos were taken last week, in Montauban, when we went to lunch on the houseboat of my great-uncle and his wife. It was a beautiful weather but a horrible cold, I think it shows, I’m very tense on the pictures haha! You will also notice that another dog has taken the place of my Sunday, it’s just my great-uncle’s dog. It was much less easy than with my little 10kg ultra photogenic baby, but we managed some shots :p I present you Kuros, a beautiful Belgian Shepherd!

I’m late and coming as always after the war with my fishnet tights under my jeans that goes up under my “crop top” sweater … But whatever! By the way this sweater, I really love it because it was offered to me by a friend after a duplicate in her command hehe, but I knew already it because I bought the black one of the same collection in London. If you hadn’t guessed yet, this is a Pink sweater by Victoria’s Secret! What I really love with this sweater is the fact that it’s a “crop top” with long sleeves! And in parenthesis, I learned from my friend that VS ship in France, remember it’s Christmas soon … Do not hate me, see you next time!

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† Makeup | Angelfire

Hello everyone ! I’m so happy to be there for this new makeup! I was greatly inspired by the Christmas lights haha, I’m sorry for those who are already tired of it … Usually I’m not a big fan of the holiday season, but this year I really have something with the illuminations, the light garlands, all those little things that shine so that made me want to reproduce all this in a simple but effective makeup!

As I said in the video, I mostly used the latest Urban Decay palettes, just because some of them were in sold at Black Friday, because others are new and maybe under your Christmas trees and because after the holidays come the sales and some of them will probably be stored! So enjoy :p

And I’m trying to keep you a bit of a surprise, but can we talk for a second about Fenty Glow? Because this is a true wonder that she brought us the Rihanna! I let you discover that in the video!

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