† Empties | Care – Hair – Makeup

Hello ! How are you on this Wednesday -do you kindly notice that I am in times? We change the registry a little bit this week with the video of my empties products! And no, I didn’t make the affront to speak again and again to you about my Lush products, I promise!

You will inevitably find products that I already presented to you or that I use during my videos, etc … But as you will notice it and as I noticed it myself, in fact I don’t take so much of risk and stay on my favorites products x)

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† Wishlist | Christmas

Oh oh oh ! This week no video, and just between us, it suits me perfectly because I really had no time to record anything … Christmas is approaching so fast, and like many of us/you, the famous question comes to us “what do you want for Christmas“? I thought maybe we could help each other!

The more time goes by the more I get older –until now you should follow me– and the less I’ve desire(s). At least yes I do, but I have desires all over the year and I don’t really wait for a special occasion to offer it to me or to wait/ask for someone else to offer it to me –still talking about the desires/things/gifts whatever. So, when the Christmas holidays arrives and when we must give an answer to what we want under this beautiful Christmas tree, we must find ideas!

I give you some of mine, but above all, share yours in the comments, because this year I really need inspiration!

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