† Wishlist | Christmas

Oh oh oh ! This week no video, and just between us, it suits me perfectly because I really had no time to record anything … Christmas is approaching so fast, and like many of us/you, the famous question comes to us “what do you want for Christmas“? I thought maybe we could help each other!

The more time goes by the more I get older –until now you should follow me– and the less I’ve desire(s). At least yes I do, but I have desires all over the year and I don’t really wait for a special occasion to offer it to me or to wait/ask for someone else to offer it to me –still talking about the desires/things/gifts whatever. So, when the Christmas holidays arrives and when we must give an answer to what we want under this beautiful Christmas tree, we must find ideas!

I give you some of mine, but above all, share yours in the comments, because this year I really need inspiration!

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† Empties | Hair, Tattoo Cream, Makeup & Care

Hi everyone ! Like I promised, this week I’m gonna taking back my “usual” rhythm, I’m not sure that will be for long so let’s enjoy it haha ! Few times ago I was introduced to you my empty products, thinking you’ll be not interested by that at all, but you’ll be more to tell me the opposite. So, as it’s simple to record and to edit, I was thinking it should be perfect to let you be a little bit more patient until the next makeup tutorial video !

Once again, there’re a lot of Lush products, so if you’re not interested by this brand/products or if you just fucked up about my obsession, you should know that I though of you and that you can end the video at 15:16 ! Yeah, I try to think to everybody hehe !

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