† Empties | Makeup & Beauty

Hello ! Brace yourselves, this is going to be one hell of an article and the same can be said about the video. The reason is simple : I’m going to talk about each products used in details in the video and I’ll be doing the same here. I’d like to point out that although almost every single product I used was from LUSH I did not and still do not get anything from them for free. I’ve paid for every one of them. Yay me.

I’ve been piling up almost-but-not-quite-empty products in a bag for ages, and I suddenly had the idea to actually do something with them, since I was doing nothing with them other than keeping them and occasionally staring at them… If you happen to like this kind of video, I promise I’ll plan it better next time so it doesn’t end up being 20 minutes long, with a mile long article. Anyway, happy reading, hoping my advices and researches will prove useful to you !

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† Wishlist | It’s Christmas Time !

† Wishlist | It's Christmas Time !

Hello everyone ! I was really looking forward to sahring this article with you guys. I’ve been working on my wishlist for a while, without any specific idea. I’ve been putting aside some articles so I can share my wishlist with you. Maybe it can give you gift ideas, ither for yourself or for your friends or family. Which is why it’s a broad selection. It’s not only make-up, there are also ideas for fashion -clothessport outfits and gear, some cosmetics and a few items you can use daily…

Feel free to share your wishlists in the comment section, there’s still plenty of time before Christmas and I’d love to see your ideas :p Have a great week :)

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