† Makeup | Naked Heat

Hey ! First of all I would like to apologies because the translation of all the articles are so late … As I already told you before, my brother -and translator- is moving in an other city and that takes most of his time, so I have to do the job by myself ! Please be kind, I’m not as perfect as he is, because I learnt english at school, then by myself, so it’s gonna be probably worse than before. I am sorry !

Anyway, I was so exciting to try this palette so much ! Thank you Sephora for their exclusive day who gave us the opportunity to get the Naked Heat palette from Urban Decay earlier than anyone ! The palette will be available in August in all the Sephora around France, but as I said before, the website gave us the honor to got it in exclusivity during 24h and of course I bought it ! -true fact : I was already in contact with someone in USA to get it earlier … I’m really addict yeah !

Well, what should I say ? It’s a true wonder, with orange/rusty -my favorites btw, but you should know that if you follow me for a while. Only new shades, as much as matte as iridescent and match so well with light eyes colors -thanks Dad for my green eyes ! I couldn’t wait to introduce you this palette and most of all try it ! You have to be ready to have a lot of tutorials with this palette, because I just felt in love at the first sight, I wanna use it, test it … I love this palette with the true love ! haha

You gonna be able to also see to new highlighter palette in action, still from Urban Decay. After Glow has four exclusives and breathtaking shades ! Anyway, I stop talking so much to don’t ruin the surprise and let you discover the video !

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† Empties | Makeup & Beauty

Hello ! Brace yourselves, this is going to be one hell of an article and the same can be said about the video. The reason is simple : I’m going to talk about each products used in details in the video and I’ll be doing the same here. I’d like to point out that although almost every single product I used was from LUSH I did not and still do not get anything from them for free. I’ve paid for every one of them. Yay me.

I’ve been piling up almost-but-not-quite-empty products in a bag for ages, and I suddenly had the idea to actually do something with them, since I was doing nothing with them other than keeping them and occasionally staring at them… If you happen to like this kind of video, I promise I’ll plan it better next time so it doesn’t end up being 20 minutes long, with a mile long article. Anyway, happy reading, hoping my advices and researches will prove useful to you !

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