Lola J. Renault

I have been a qualified hairdresser for about 10 years. I started my studies in this domain when I was 15 years old, in 2005. After obtaining my degrees (CAP, Mention Complémentaire and Brevet Professionnel) I went to live in London for several months (2011).

Having gained experience in that time, I worked as manager in an independant hair salon in the surburbs of Toulouse as a polyvalent hairdresser (2012). From a desire to further improve my career, I joined another independent salon in downtown Toulouse this time, for about a year (2014).

Because I coudn’t really find my own place within a hair salon, I decided to create my own small hairdressing and artistic make-up company. Indeed, I have become a self-taught make-up artist after a year of hard work (2015), I have worked a lot to both improve my technique and the quality of my work by offering my services to professional fashion workers (such as photographers, designers, etc…).

Therefore, I am available in France -and beyond, for any art project such as photo shoots, catwalks, editorials, beauty/close-ups, etc… I am also available for evening parties, weddings and other occasions which require you to look the part.

I’ve been a professional model for ten years. Such as I have a lot of experience, I have the chance of being able to choose the projects, missions, runaway (etc) I want to work on, and also to always be paid for my work.

I first became a model when I was eighteen, in 2008, with the parisian agency Allure. After working in London for few months in 2010, I joined the agency Podium in Paris in 2012. I work with alternative photographers, as well as brands, groups, hair & makeup artists.

I am currently working with the Celine agency in Paris and Model Wanted in London, while I continue to work in freelance, my contract allowing it to me.

Thus I am available for any kind of project as long as they are concrete. Be it Beauty or Close-Up, Fashion or Editorials, Lingerie, Topless, Erotic or Nude. I am also confortable to shoot all your videos clips projects, advertisings, figurations …

I can move all around France, as well as in all of Europe and beyond, as long as transport and accomodation are covered. I currently live in Paris, France.