† OOTD | Ivy Park

© Philippe Renault

Hey hey hey! Better late than never, again I’m late -only about a week- in my publications, but my trip to Milan was very intense and so I didn’t have much time to dedicate to the rest … But in this absolutely horrible Sunday, grey, cold, anyway winter’s one, I propose you this look that corresponds much more to the mild temperatures of Milan but absolutely not to our French temperatures …

I totally fell in love with this cropped sweater when I was in London! I was out of my budget but I absolutely had to buy because I didn’t know if I will be able to find it in France … The brand Ivy Park, created by Beyoncé is available in Topshop -in London and of course on their website- and in some sports shops such as JD Sports, or online on Zalando. I loved his two colors, the fact that it is wide and it is a big hood … In one word : a huge crush!

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† Makeup | Heavy Metal

Ciaoooo! Finally makeup and better, it’s live from Milan! Of course the video has been few times ago, but to explain to you my -little- delay in the publication, I wanna say that I’m in Milan and it’s very difficult to find time to edit the video and upload it to Youtube

Anyway! Let’s get to the point! The new palette from Urban Decay is out and of course I couldn’t resist to bought it! So here is the Heavy Metal, a palette with totally exclusive and iridescent eyeshadow, no I should say sequin! They are incredible, supa easy to use and to shade off. But as I say in the video intro, I advise you to apply it on a matte eyeshadow to keep the maximum of the intensity, rather than having -like me- to apply a ton of makeup. But once again, as I say in the video, I really wanted to test it for real and see what it was worth by “herself” only.

I think you start to know me, of course I couldn’t do something “basic“, especially because, in fact, I couldn’t decide on the choice of the colors I wanted to use … So, yes, I have a blue eye and a grey eye haha!

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