† OOTD | Indian Braids

© Philippe Renault

Hello everyone ! How are you ? Strangely enough, only when I’m in the south of France is the weather turning to crap. Rain everyday and all that. But now that I’m in Paris for a very short time it’s like 50°C with a bright sun… this is awful !

Anyway, if the forecast is right this weekend should be less hot, maybe there’ll even be some rain on Sunday. This means that my outfit will be in acordance. A short because it’s still the only thing you can wear in this weather, it’s still quite hot, and a cotton sweater. This sweater was gifted to me by the Pistache brand when I worked with them on their e-shop last year. It’s soft and nice, espeically between seasons so whenever it’s less hot but still not chilly I bring it out !

As always you can spot my little furry friends on the pictures. No point changing a winning team ! Have a great week !

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† Empties | Makeup & Beauty

Hello ! Brace yourselves, this is going to be one hell of an article and the same can be said about the video. The reason is simple : I’m going to talk about each products used in details in the video and I’ll be doing the same here. I’d like to point out that although almost every single product I used was from LUSH I did not and still do not get anything from them for free. I’ve paid for every one of them. Yay me.

I’ve been piling up almost-but-not-quite-empty products in a bag for ages, and I suddenly had the idea to actually do something with them, since I was doing nothing with them other than keeping them and occasionally staring at them… If you happen to like this kind of video, I promise I’ll plan it better next time so it doesn’t end up being 20 minutes long, with a mile long article. Anyway, happy reading, hoping my advices and researches will prove useful to you !

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