† Makeup | My Short is my Muse

Hello you! As I explained during the intro of my video, this makeup was simply inspired by the outfit that I presented to you last Sunday. Nothing more complicated haha. I loved the color of the shorts when I bought it and I wanted to use it in a makeup. Good point it’s exactly my colors, those that bring out my eyes to the maximum! Feel free to decline this tutorial depending on the color of your shorts and/or your eyes!

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† OOTD | Let’s Play!

Heeey! How are you? Do you get away with this awful weather? One day we are dying of heat, one day we’re facing storms … A horror to dress -among others.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed it, but for a quite some time now we’ve seen these little sports shorts absolutely everywhere in the stores! It came back to fashion suddenly, without warning haha. Personally I love it, it’s very American, it’s sporty but both dressed even if it’s still a bit short in length … With all that we hear today, it’s always delicate to show a little bit of skin, especially in town. I still decided to buy some -lol- because it’s so simple to match and so comfortable!

In Primark they are so cheap that it’s almost given! You can find some in H&M too at an affordable price, and as I told you all the shops have declined them, some brands abuse a little with their rates … And about my crop top it comes from Zara, but I I’m sure you already have one!

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