† OOTD + Makeup | Casting Call

© Philippe Renault

Hello ! This article may come as a surprise, but isn’t that the whole point ? Something different to break from the usual things that have been done again and again. Far be it from me to bite the hand that feeds me, but I get that turotials can be a little redundant. Anyway, I’ve been asked many about how to become a model, how to do it, how to be taken seriously, and most of all, how to actually get in that very restrictive, yet sought after world. So here I am, humbly trying to shed some light on this question in this article. I’ll try to guide you as best I can, using my personnal experience in the matter.

In France, you only have a real status -legally- as a model if you’re enrolled in an agency (such as but not limited to Elite, IMG, Next or Ford). Outside of these agencies you’re considered a photo model, and therefore not entitled to compensation, since there is not technically a legal status for that. For that reason, my first advice is to seek out those agencies, you can find an exhaustive list of all agencies -French and otherwise- on the Mannequinat.fr website. You can get in touch with an agency either via their websites our via e-mail. You’ll most likely be asked to join polaroid-type pictures to your application, which means the natural you.

Beside that, you’ll need to seek out photographers -and be ready to pay them!- and/or partake in castings in order to create your Portfolio. To that end you can use the Casting.fr -it’s a french website, so there’s only jobs in France- website which only pusblishes paid castings. You can also simply use social medias such as Facebook to find castings -with no assurance that you will be paid. Here is, to me, the ideal outfit to wear for theses events -and by that I mean the castings of course.

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† Makeup | Going To Hell

Hello ! Here is -at last- the video I was supposed to post a few weeks ago. As I explained last week I really didn’t picture my return that kind of makeup, especially during Coachella week… So here’s a smokey makeup, dark, deadly, and more importantly timeless !

I’d rather not promise anything concerning the future publications here on the blog, but I’ll try to post the first photos from the Dans Ton Bec photo shoot this weeked. The entire hair and makeup was done by yours truly, and I also did some modeling for the occasion. But mostly I managed the entire “artistic direction” part of the job, so I really want to share this with you !

As for the makeup tutorials, I can’t promise anything for next week because I haven’t had time to start ahead when I was in Toulouse… So it’ll be a surprise.

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