† Makeup | I am Pride

Hey! I hope you are doing well in this new week. I really struggled to find inspiration for this very special makeup. I must admit, as I say in the video, there is already a lot of makeups and inspirations for the Gay Pride … I didn’t have many ideas but I still wanted to do something for this year again.

So I made a 2-in-1 makeup, or just an original makeup if you decide to adopt it just like that. It’s super simple to do and therefore for everyone. I used eyeshadows, even on the mouth, but if you have the colors, do not hesitate to use lipstick, even for the liner! Have fun!

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† Makeup | My Short is my Muse

Hello you! As I explained during the intro of my video, this makeup was simply inspired by the outfit that I presented to you last Sunday. Nothing more complicated haha. I loved the color of the shorts when I bought it and I wanted to use it in a makeup. Good point it’s exactly my colors, those that bring out my eyes to the maximum! Feel free to decline this tutorial depending on the color of your shorts and/or your eyes!

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