† Makeup | Is Moscow Blindsided ?

Hey ! You’re not hallucinating, this is indeed a new article haha ! I have a -lot- of free time these days, and a little bit of imagination, so I’m shooting as many videos as I can so that I might have a few ready in stock when I -likely- get overwhelmed in June

I’ll admit, I kinda lost it on this makeup. I had been eyeing this liquid lipstick ever since I bought it from NYX in Toulouse forever ago, but I hadn’t found anything to use it with. And rather than do something basic, I decided to go big, and very colorful ! I’ll let you take a look at it.

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† Makeup | Going To Hell

Hello ! Here is -at last- the video I was supposed to post a few weeks ago. As I explained last week I really didn’t picture my return that kind of makeup, especially during Coachella week… So here’s a smokey makeup, dark, deadly, and more importantly timeless !

I’d rather not promise anything concerning the future publications here on the blog, but I’ll try to post the first photos from the Dans Ton Bec photo shoot this weeked. The entire hair and makeup was done by yours truly, and I also did some modeling for the occasion. But mostly I managed the entire “artistic direction” part of the job, so I really want to share this with you !

As for the makeup tutorials, I can’t promise anything for next week because I haven’t had time to start ahead when I was in Toulouse… So it’ll be a surprise.

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