† Makeup | NYX Face Awards 2018

Surprise! I had no intention of participating in the NYX Face Awards this year, not because last year was not conclusive but because I had no inspiration! So I was done and then I must say that I didn’t really have the time -nor the desire- to add me more work. But what do you want, I think that’s the job, a sudden inspiration and a sudden desire!

So I put on paper very quickly the ideas that came to my mind last Sunday -did I mention that the deadline is today, March 21st haha- and I started to imagine something that really looks like me! So it came naturally, I represented my two facets, cut in two and semi “stitched” … It’s not only the creation, but especially the unveiling. I really gave a part of me to this makeup and so, to you and the judges. A part of which I never talk about.

I don’t want to go through to the details, the thing is we all have concerns and we must all live with them! Try to see through my makeup what we all go through, life, death, with these difficulties … The good, the bad, the beautiful, the ugly … It doesn’t matter, as long as it speaks to you! I really hope you like it because you will grant me I didn’t invent anything, but I am rather proud of the result and in the end it will have even served me as a “therapy” haha!

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† Empties | Care – Hair – Makeup

Hello ! How are you on this Wednesday -do you kindly notice that I am in times? We change the registry a little bit this week with the video of my empties products! And no, I didn’t make the affront to speak again and again to you about my Lush products, I promise!

You will inevitably find products that I already presented to you or that I use during my videos, etc … But as you will notice it and as I noticed it myself, in fact I don’t take so much of risk and stay on my favorites products x)

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