† Halloween | Dans Ton Bec x Lola J. Renault

Hey hey hey ! Except told you that I’m sorry, I really don’t know what to do. My blog is like dead since the end of August, and this is not because I’m not into it anymore or about passion, believe me ! I still love this blog, what I post, my makeups tutorials and sharing to you my outfits. It’s just about time and coordination. I’m mostly in Paris right now, and these last months I traveled a lot -and I will until the end of the year- for my work … I try to find a solution, but it’s still complicated for me as soon as I won’t have a “definitive” place to live. I really hope you will understand and still love me anyway haha.

Halloween is coming ! I filmed you a tutorial who -of course, won’t be funny if not- completely bugged and so unusable … But I still will be able to recover some pictures and the video I filmed for the Dans Ton Bec promotional campaign, brand I worked with until the beginning.

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† Makeup | After Dark

Hi everyone ! I am finally back in a new video after a long time -a month maybe- of inactivity … Like I try to explain to you in the video, I have a lot of work, I move all the time between Toulouse and Paris, plus I have professional trips … Anyway I am so bad in organisation for the blog, but especially on those times, you know it ! And I have to confess, the fact that I know you’re probably all in holidays make me feel « better » and give me to opportunity to be lazy -if I can say it as well …

But ! It was a long time for me to not record a video, and most of all to create a new makeup, it began to miss me ! And, there’s no word for that but when you have the Urban Decay palette After Dark -bought from a very long time- under your eyes every time, you need to do something with it :p So, I’m discovering it at the same time as you in this video and I really hope you won’t be disappointed !

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