† Makeup | Naked Heat

Hey ! First of all I would like to apologies because the translation of all the articles are so late … As I already told you before, my brother -and translator- is moving in an other city and that takes most of his time, so I have to do the job by myself ! Please be kind, I’m not as perfect as he is, because I learnt english at school, then by myself, so it’s gonna be probably worse than before. I am sorry !

Anyway, I was so exciting to try this palette so much ! Thank you Sephora for their exclusive day who gave us the opportunity to get the Naked Heat palette from Urban Decay earlier than anyone ! The palette will be available in August in all the Sephora around France, but as I said before, the website gave us the honor to got it in exclusivity during 24h and of course I bought it ! -true fact : I was already in contact with someone in USA to get it earlier … I’m really addict yeah !

Well, what should I say ? It’s a true wonder, with orange/rusty -my favorites btw, but you should know that if you follow me for a while. Only new shades, as much as matte as iridescent and match so well with light eyes colors -thanks Dad for my green eyes ! I couldn’t wait to introduce you this palette and most of all try it ! You have to be ready to have a lot of tutorials with this palette, because I just felt in love at the first sight, I wanna use it, test it … I love this palette with the true love ! haha

You gonna be able to also see to new highlighter palette in action, still from Urban Decay. After Glow has four exclusives and breathtaking shades ! Anyway, I stop talking so much to don’t ruin the surprise and let you discover the video !

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† Makeup | Happy Pride

Hello ! I’d like to start with an apology, this article was supposed to be published last week, but to be completely honest with you I simply didn’t have time to even touch my Mac, let alone opening it, turning it on and publish anything… Just imagine how busy I was !

However, this article was very important to me, and since the Pride season isn’t quite over yet, I still have time to publish my makeup honoring all these people -one of which I am myself- who are -still today- fighting for their rights ! This is the 21st century for Christ’s sake, it’s 2017 and still many countries are refusing to make gay marriage legal. And still today, people are dying for being LGBT, because they’re « different ». It is important to keep fighting, and to keep defending our rights, our lives, and each other’s lives.

So here is my small contribution to this fight. Because I’m only just a makeup artist and model, and because I do not represent the whole, but at least part of it. I do hope this will get to at least some people, and hopefully help them.

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