† Makeup | Valentine’s Day Part. 2

Hey you ! So as I promised you here’s the second makeup video for Valentine’s Day! So yes, it’s totally different from the first tutorial, but it’s a bit of our goal right? We are on something much more loaded and even more eccentric thanks to this re-visited smoky eye.

For me -as for many I guess?- the color of love is red and that’s what I wanted to convey as a message. For my mother it’s too gothic, for me it’s grunge, maybe for you it will be something else ?! In any case, I hope you’ll like it!

So I used products supposed to be used for mouth on my eyes! And yes, I’m a girl like that, but don’t worry, in my case they are vegan products, so I don’t risk anything … And whatever happens, as long as it’s supposed to be for any mucous membranes -eyes and/or mouth in this case- it’s possible to use them on ALL mucous membranes. Anyway, personally, I won’t venture myself into applying anything, anywhere, if the composition’s products are bad and -still in this case- that the products aren’t vegan.

You will notice in the photos that I finally removed the red dots in my inner corners -that’s why I don’t mention it in the video- because I finally didn’t like it. Also, you will notice that my red eyeliner is much less bright in the photo … What a pity, but I can’t do anything, since I’m not equipped with a great studio haha.

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† Makeup | Valentine’s Day Part. 1

Hey! Last day of January, already! Do you also find that time flies incredibly fast? But who says end of January says beginning of February! And if February rhymes with 28 days -for this year- it also rhymes with love!

As I told you in the video, I must be the only single person in this universe who wants to celebrate Valentine’s Day! But, again, this celebration has lost its meaning here in France and is restricted to couples when in reality this celebration was created to celebrate love, in all its splendor! And for that, I chose to share two different looks, with two makeup and two outfits. That’s also love, generosity haha!

So this week I wanted to do something simple, really nude to be honest, which can suit everyone and especially on all occasions. Whether you go out or not, whether you gonna celebrate it as a couple, with friends, family or in front of Netflix -or not at all!

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