† OOTD | Party Forever at Coachella!

© Philippe Renault

Hello again! This is it, for me the week and the dream Coachella ends with this article. I am very happy to have shared these two makeups and these two outfits with you, it’s once again a festival that inspires me so much …

For this look I wanted something very minimalist just because I had colored my hair and my makeup was already strong. I have “matched” my green makeup to my green underwear from Undiz and added a transparent white t-shirt from All Saints that stays totally in the spirit of Coachella! And of course, a pair of Ash boots for the highlight of the show!

I hope you enjoyed it and that you will have appreciated my “efforts” in this week of festival. Now I have to go back to my professional life and therefore take a break with the blog, but see you in a fortnight! Take care of yourself.

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† Makeup | This is not the end of Coachella!

Yeah! How are you? I am so happy to have met my own challenge and offer you this second makeup for Coachella! However don’t get used to this schedule for the blog haha, it’s a lot of articles and videos in just one week and the pace is just untenable! But I really wanted to create a second look for this festival that I really dream about, and it’s done!

Once again I built this makeup around the Distortion palette, but this time I focused on one shade, the green one! This eyeshadow is awesome and it was incredibly easy to work with. As for my hair, I didn’t mention it in the video but I had applied some chalks from Kiko -which are not for sale at all, that’s why I didn’t talk about it. And to make an allusion to it, I added these colorful freckles who match perfectly!

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