† Makeup | Happy Pride

Hello ! I’d like to start with an apology, this article was supposed to be published last week, but to be completely honest with you I simply didn’t have time to even touch my Mac, let alone opening it, turning it on and publish anything… Just imagine how busy I was !

However, this article was very important to me, and since the Pride season isn’t quite over yet, I still have time to publish my makeup honoring all these people -one of which I am myself- who are -still today- fighting for their rights ! This is the 21st century for Christ’s sake, it’s 2017 and still many countries are refusing to make gay marriage legal. And still today, people are dying for being LGBT, because they’re « different ». It is important to keep fighting, and to keep defending our rights, our lives, and each other’s lives.

So here is my small contribution to this fight. Because I’m only just a makeup artist and model, and because I do not represent the whole, but at least part of it. I do hope this will get to at least some people, and hopefully help them.

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† OOTD | Jacker

© Philippe Renault

Hello, hello ! I am very happy to be back on this bright, sunny Sunday. By the time you read this, I’ll be in Paris, getting tortured… I mean tattoed. Technology -and planning, I’ll admit- really do make life a whole lot easier.

Anyway. Last week I talked about the American Socks brand, for which I worked at the Fise, and this week I wanted to talk about a brand I discovered there thanks to my friend Charlotte. There I learned that Jacker -that’s the brand- was actually a magazine about skate board, hip-hop, graffiti and more. And I learned that they used their growing success to launch a broad collection of clothes and accessories connected to those same topics. Obviously I fell for some of their products, by I’ve been good and only left with one jacket. Or rather…THE jacket.

I’ll leave you to discover their entire universe on their website and in the magazine. The official shop is in Montpellier, but you can find their products at Citadium, in Paris, for instance. You can find any information you might need on their website anyway, so enjoy yourselves ! And have a beautiful week !

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