† OOTD | This is 2018 ! Happy New Year !

© Philippe Renault


Hey, last article of the year … I know I haven’t been as present this year on the blog as the year before, because of my work and the fact that I traveled a lot but mostly because I didn’t have a real house for myself … I really apologize, but you have to know that all articles and videos I shared with you this year through this blog or my social networks was the one that I loved the most!

It wasn’t a good year for me, especially in my private life. But that’s how we build, and I don’t regret anything of 2017. I still look forward to 2018 and have a blank page to finally start from scratch, if I may say .. I hope your year has been good and that 2018 will bring you more happiness!

About my outfit, I really wanted to share an outfit that it’s really look like me. It’s really me and especially it’s really the kind of outfit I’ll wear tonight, believe me! I hope you like it and it won’t be too “grungy” for you guys :p

Have a great evening, take care of yourself and again, have fun!

Thank you for your support and see you next year haha!

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† Makeup | New Year’s Eve

Hello ! That’s it, already! We arrive at the end of the year … One more that I didn’t even realize, it’s amazing how fast time flies. But anyway, again a new year to celebrate! And that’s pretty cool, especially when it’s about fashion and makeup and of course when you’re full of creativity!

This year I wanted to change about the “classicsmokey eye -even if the variations are innumerable … All I wanted was about color, glitter, good mood, to finish this year on a good way! I have a slight weakness for the purple in the makeup, for me it’s a color that highlights any eye color, green, blue, brown … Whatever, it’ll raise your eyes and in addition with iridescent eyeshadow’s shades and glitter … What’s better ?? Of course, as I said in the video, you’re able to adapt it to any other color if you are an anti purple haha!

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